Named after Lucy, the dog who regularly is visiting with guests during the evening hours, Lucy's is known for bartenders who know how to serve up excellent martinis. Lucy's is a chic little bar centrally located in Lake of the Ozarks on the Bagnall Dam Strip and serves up some of the best cocktails on the Lake. With a wide selection of spirits, wine, and beer, and its experienced bar staff, you can bet you'll find something to quench your thirst at this trendy little slice of lake nightlife.

Lucy's prides itself on its atmosphere, with an aesthetic that sets itself apart from other bars in the area. The bar is bathed in blue light and is decorated with a modern style. While Lucy's is known for crisp stout martinis, the menu boasts a wide variety of creative drinks aimed to challenge and please. From a glass of wine to a cold beer, Lucy's will serve up exactly what you are looking for after a day enjoying the lake.

Lucy's is a great place to meet for a drink with friends or offers a lovely location for an after dinner drink. Lucy's is cozy and intimate, perfect for those who are looking for a chance to chat with locals and relax. It's the kind of place that might, at any time, start singing along with the music. It's clean and well kept, making it a great place to meet new faces, especially on the weekends, when the Strip is bustling.

With a strict no smoking and no vaping policy, you can expect a much chiller vibe at Lucy's than at the average Lake of the Ozarks watering hole. Lucy's opens at noon each day and stays open until late, so they are usually ready to serve you up a delicious drink. If you are looking for a midweek drink, Lucy's offers glasses of wine for only four dollars a glass on Wednesday.

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1311 Bagnall Dam Strip

United States


(573) 693-1711

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