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Lake of the Ozarks has plenty of fine dining options, but JJ Twig's Pizza and BBQ isn't trying to compete with starched napkins and carefully presented plates. Somewhere between a bar and a pizza joint, the atmosphere is casual and the food is affordable and delicious. When you arrive, you receive a basket of fresh salty peanuts, and the shells go everywhere. By the time you finish your peanuts, your pizza will be ready.

There are traditional pizza options available, but they also get more creative at JJ Twig's Pizza & BBQ. They offer a Mexican pizza that has taco flavored meat and sauce, green onion, tomatoes, black olives, and jalapenos. If you are craving delicious local flavor, the Damsite BBQ serves up barbeque sauce, sausage, hamburger, bacon Qand onion. Their Cheeseburger pizza is hamburger, pickle, tomato, onion, all on top of cheddar and mozzarella cheese. For a special pizza, JJ Twig's Pizza & BBQ add thousand island sauce and shredded lettuce to the Cheeseburger to create the Twig Mac.

If you are extra hungry, consider trying one of their Double Decker pizzas. With two layers of meat, cheese, and crust, the Double Decker is sure to satisfy the hungriest of parties. If you are craving something besides pizza, JJ Twig's Pizza & BBQ can probably hit your mood. They serve barbeque platters and sandwiches. They have a wide variety of burgers, chicken breast sandwiches, hot dogs and subs. They even have a section of wraps on the menu.

On the weekends there is usually live entertainment in the evenings. JJ Twig's Pizza & BBQ also offers kids parties, including a tour of the kitchen where kids can make their pizza before enjoying their creation together. There is a gluten-free menu section with pizzas, steaks, burgers, and salads.

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1815 Bagnell Dam Blvd
Lake Ozark, Missouri
United States

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(573) 365-9911

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