Ha-Ha-Tonka State Park


Ha Ha Tonka State Park is one of Missouri's sightseeing gems, and a perfect free outdoor activity for your next vacation at Lake of the Ozarks. Besides having amazing natural features, an old burned-down castle sits on a cliff, overseeing the entire property.

The castle was completed in the 1920s, using stone from a nearby quarry. A water tower (which housed servants) and carraige house were constructed with the same stone. The castle was later used as a hotel, until burning down in the '40s. Now it is part of a 3,700 acre state park, where you can see the remains and enjoy the natural beauty of the landscape. It's easy to see why the original owners chose this area for their home.

There are miles of trails winding through the property. You can choose the paved path to the castle (which is wheelchair and stroller accessible), descend the hundreds of stairs down to the spring, hike over a hill and down a valley to see the natural bridge, or just explore near a parking lot. Visitors of every skill level and ability will be able to find beauty and adventure at Ha Ha Tonka.

The Missouri State Park website is a great resource for planning your day at Ha Ha Tonka. You can see which trails will fit your needs, and figure out which route will take you to your desired destination. If you don't mind walking, you can always just take off from a parking lot and you'll make it back to your car eventually. Packing water and a picnic lunch is always a great idea.

Photo "Ha Ha Tonka State Park" by little_kingfisher is licenced under CC 2.0.

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1491 State Road D
Camdenton, Missouri
United States

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Linda V.


Nice trails, some easy & some challenging. Castle ruins make great photos, especially if you're into vintage & antique architecture. Plenty of room for...

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Christine H.


Ha-Ha Tonka State Park was a great addition to our trip and I would love to go back and further explore. Our initial goal was checking out the castle ruins....

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Jenni H.


Sinkholes, caves, bluffs, a spring... and of course the ruins of a turn-of-the-century stone castle. This state park is LEGIT. Five reasons Ha-Ha-Tonka...

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