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The Ozarks are a popular tourist destination, in part, due to the natural beauty of the landscape. Some of the prettiest parts, however, are underground! Missouri is home to many caves, and the fine folks at Bridal Cave have created a wonderful and educational experience around their cave tour.

When you take a tour of the cave, you'll notice the consistent temperature of the cavern. It stays at 60 degrees, no matter the weather outdoors. Your guide will lead you through caverns and passages that are nicely lit for you to see the beautiful formations. They will explain how the cave was created with water, and you'll learn the meaning of Karst topography. You'll also hear how humans have used the cave throughout the generations.

The cave was utilized as shelter and hiding for hundreds of years by Native Americans. Folklore tells of a kidnapping, wedding, and the reason for the name of a nearby cliff- Lover's Leap. The owners of Bridal Cave have worked diligently to make the tour experience better, creating access to underground lakes and wonderous rooms. It's beauty makes it a great place for modern day weddings too. More than 3,000 have taken place since it opened to the public.

The cave sits at Thunder Mountain Park, which has boat parking, picnic tables, and a gift shop. Cabe tours are a wonderful activity for groups and children. Many elementary schools choose Bridal Cave as a field trip experience.

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526 Bridal Cave Rd
Camdenton, Missouri
United States

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Angela B.


Being new to the "cave world", this was AWESOME (I only mean I haven't been in caves before - gold / silver mines, yes. Caves, no). About 15 minutes down...

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Jennifer W.


A great time was had by all. We had a large group so had to wait for the next tour because they only allow a set number of people in at one time. It just so...

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Euge P.


The most beautiful cave we've ever seen - and we've seen a lot! Definitely worth the trip. Not much else to do in the Camdenton area, but if you're at the...

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