Sweet Desserts That Hit the Spot- Lake of the Ozarks Tasty Treats to Try

on 04 May 2019

Part of the fun of a vacation is finding new restaurants to try. If you've got a sweet tooth, you'll probably want dessert too! Whether you choose a place to eat tonight based on the awesome dessert options, or you're just cruising town in search of ice cream, we're here to help. From fancy after dinner adult milkshakes to fresh-made custard, the Lake of the Ozarks doesn't disappoint in the treat department. Grab your group, your honey, or just hop in the car by yourself, because these desserts can be enjoyed for any occasion.

1. Vista Grande's Fried Ice Cream

After an awesome mexican meal at Vista Grande, be sure to save room for a classic- Fried Ice Cream. It's a deep fried ball of ice cream, rolled in delicious crunchies, then smothered in whipped cream and honey. If dairy isn't your thing, you can always start with a strawberry margarita to get your sugar fix.

2. Giant Cookies at Pappos Pizzeria

Start with a specialty pizza or baked sandwich, and stay for the dessert. Pappos offers giant cookies baked to perfection in a cast iron skillet. The Brown Butter Chocolate Chip Cookie will feed about 4 people and comes to the table piping hot. With an ice cream topper and chocolate sauce, you won't be able to put your fork down. With a huge selection of beers on tap, there's usually a sweet after-dinner drink option as well. What a combo.

3. Thai Delicacies at Wok N Roll

Pad Thai and Crab Rangoon make for a great meal, but you're going to want to indulge in the desserts at Won N Roll too. Choose from Sesame Balls or Sticky Rice to end your meal on a high note. The Sticky Rice has a tinge of coconut to really perk up your taste buds.

4. Baxter's Dessert Platter

Sample all the goodies with the Dessert Platter at Baxter's Lakeside Grill. It's perfect for a family to share, or for a couple to taste and take home the rest for tomorrow. The platter is a beautifully displayed arrangement of gooey butter cake, a fudge brownie, and their famous New York style cheesecake. How can you go wrong with so many options?

5. Island Treats at Coconuts Caribbean Beach Bar

With tons of fresh fish dishes to choose from, like their Coco Rice Bowls or crab legs, you may not have room for dessert at Coconuts. If you're passionate about sweets, you'll find a way. Go for the Keylime Pie to taste the tropics in every bite. Or try the Million Dollar Cookie to get hints of coconut in your chocolate chip cookie.

6. Mangos and Cream at Dog Days

Dog Days serves up awesome lunch and dinner for all the hungry lake-goers. Stop by for a meal, or just sit at the bar for a few cocktails. Don't forget your swimsuit, because the 2 pools will be calling your name after sitting in the hot sun. (Don't worry, the kids can play in their own pool.) When you're in the mood for a cold treat, ask your server for an order of Mangos and Cream. The ripe mangos covered in ice cream and served alongside lady fingers! It'll give you just the pick-me-up you need to keep swimming.

7. Strawberry Shortcake at Backwater Jack's

The Jumbo Jalapeno Poppers at Backwater Jack's could be considered dessert if you want them to be. Served with a spicy raspberry inferno sauce, the sweet heat will have you going back to the plate for just one more. If you want to try a dish that is technically dessert, go for the Strawberry Shortcake. The cake is made in-house and the strawberries and whipped cream make it that much better. If a frozen adult beverage is more your style, the Rum Runner will be just what the doctor ordered.

8. Calzones at Lil Rizzos

If you didn't get enough carbs in your entree (or even if you did), you won't want to skip out on the sweet calzones at Lil Rizzos. Choose from chocolate, with chocolate sauce, or apple, with caramel sauce. Both are served with ice cream to take them up a notch. We'd highly recommend either one!

9. Sticky Toffee Cake at Captain Ron's

With a beach, sand volleyball court, and live music all summer long, you'll love exploring Captain Ron's dinner menu for a fuel-up. After plenty of pizza, a wrap, or quesadilla, dessert is definitely called for. The Sticky Toffee cake will have you licking your fork for another taste of the toffee sauce topping. Kids love dipping the cinnamon sugar pretzels in the icing that comes with them. Either one will be a win!

10. Fried Twigs at JJ Twig's

Pizza and BBQ are always at hit at JJ Twig's. With a family-friendly atmosphere, it's the perfect place to take the kids after a long day out on the water. Wrap up your meal and order the Fried Twigs. They're funnel cake sticks deep fried to perfection and served with sauce. Choose the raspberry sauce for a fruity experience, or go with caramel for a decadent treat.

11. After-dinner drinks at Domenicos

Domenico's serves up steaks, seafood, chicken, and veal to discerning clientele all year long. Don't be afraid to take the kids, because they have a kids menu and delicious after dinner options for you both. End your perfectly-cooked meal with dessert drinks for everyone at the table. The adults will enjoy creamy classics like a Brandy Alexander or Grasshopper. Or try a new-fangled option like a Coconutty or Strawberry Shortcake. The kids can enjoy non-alcoholic options like a Cocoberry Flip (with strawberry, coconut, and banana) or a nice selection of other fruit smoothie flavors.


From fruity and fun to decadent chocolate baked goods, plenty of restaurants at the Lake offer amazing desserts. The next time you're looking for dinner options, it's okay to decide based on their after-dinner specialties. And of course, it's always okay to eat dessert first.