5 Fun Reasons to Get a Boat Captain or Chartered Yacht at Lake of the Ozarks

on 13 Apr 2019

If you haven't thought of getting a private yacht charter or boat captain for your next event at the Lake of the Ozarks, indulge us for a minute. You could..

  • study for and purchase your boating license,
  • haul your boat to the Lake, or
  • rent a boat,

but by then, you've probably spent enough to cover hiring a boat captain. Having a captain takes all the pressure off so you can focus on the reason you came to the lake- having fun and relaxing!

1. Bachelor and Bachelorette parties are more fun on the water

If you're looking for a great bachelor or bachelorette party idea at the Lake of the Ozarks, hiring a boat captain is a great one.  Imagine arriving at your resort with the wedding party. After settling in to your rooms and popping that first champagne cork, you see a yacht pull up to the dock. The captain beckons you aboard and you officially begin the bachelor or bachelorette party.

If you board your chartered yacht in the morning, you can cruise up and down the lake, enjoying the beauty of the water and Ozarks landscape. Pick a quiet cove, park, and lie in the sun with a cocktail in hand. If you want the ultimate lake party life, head to Party Cove and tie up next to your soon-to-be new best friends. With a restroom and kitchen on board, you don't have to worry about docking anytime soon. You can prepare snacks, mix margaritas and bring all the snacks you can handle. Your captain is always there to assist and take you to your next destination with a smile.

If you're night owls, you can plan a different kind of experience on your chartered yacht. Hop on board and head to your favorite waterfront restaurant with the wedding party. Let the captain park the boat and tie it up. The only thing you and your bachelor or bachelorette have to worry about is having fun. Have dinner, order drinks, and enjoy the live music or DJ. Be sure to bring your swimsuit because you'll probably want to go for a dip. Take advantage of the swim-up bars or call dibs on an in-pool table for your group. Once you've had all the fun you can handle, just hop aboard your chartered yacht and sail to the next restaurant.

The best part? The captain is always there, ready to take you home or to your next destination. Your wedding party doesn't haven't to worry about who has a boater's license or wait for someone to volunteer to stay sober. You have reliable transportation wherever you go.

2. A private boat charter with captain is a great romantic getaway

Really want to wow that special someone in your life? A yacht rental is the perfect birthday or anniversary gift or an impressive way to take your sweetie on a date. Watch their excitement as a private yacht pulls into your resort, just for the two of you. Sit in the back and watch the sunset or recreate the scene from Titanic...we won't judge. Tell the captain where you want to go and leave the navigating to them. The two of you can enjoy a glass of wine and a gorgeous cheese board while you're driven to your destination. Stop at all your favorite waterfront restaurants, then head back to the resort without a care in the world. Having a captain allows you both to enjoy each other instead of the logistics of captaining the boat. What a romantic way to get away!

3. Family reunions love chartered boat rentals

So everyone wants to get together at the Lake, but can't decide on a fun day trip. A boat rental is a great option for spending the day out on the water. Take the stress completely off by hiring a captain to go with it. Missouri requires a boating license for many people- if no one in your group is licensed, or doesn't care to be, hiring a captain is a great solution. pack up the kids and head to the dock, or have the coat pick you up at your resort. The kids will love being driven around the lake and so will you. Choose one of the family friendly waterfront restaurants and let the kids swim in the pool while you sip daiquiris. Load everyone up when you're done and head back without having to worry about who is driving. Your captain takes care of that!

For an amazing kids experience, rent your boat around sunset on the Fourth of July weekend. Have your captain head toward one of the main fireworks displays like Lodge of the Four Seasons or Margaritaville. Bring your popcorn and delicious treats and wait in anticipation until the fireworks show begins. The little ones will be absolutely mesmerized as the fireworks flash right above their heads. You'll be able to hear the other boaters around you cheering, and you'll see the beautiful firework reflections in the water below you. The kids will talk about it for months!

4. Your group of friends will have a blast on a Bar Hop Cruise

Want to get out on the water to explore the restaurants and bars, but don't want to rent a whole boat? We've got you covered here too. Playin Hooky Water Taxi & Charters offers Daytime Bar Hop Cruises and Moonlight Bar Hop Cruises that allow you to experience four awesome bars in four hours. It's a great way to try out the ambiance or nightlife of several different restaurants with your friends or family. You can even buy drinks on the boat! You can enjoy the party atmosphere as you cruise from bar to bar, having fun with the other passengers. 

5. Let Aqua Shuttle be your sober driver

Playin Hooky also offers an Aqua Shuttle between popular waterfront bars. Just hop on when you're ready to explore the next bar. You don't have to give a second thought to who will be driving! Your helpful captain will be around again shortly. This service is great for family reunions, parties, groups of friends, and even corporate events.

Where can you find private chartered yachts and boat rentals with a captain?

Luckily, we've got a great list of boat rentals, captains, and private yachts right here. They'd love to serve you. Their schedules do fill up quickly, especially for summer weekends and holidays, so call soon to reserve your date. Your group or sweetie will be impressed with your planning and creativity.