The Skinny on Boat Slips and Marinas- How to Live on Your Boat at Lake of the Ozarks

on 23 Apr 2019

Many people who love that Lake life are doing things a little unconventionally these days. Instead of buying a lake home, staying at a resort, or renting a home, they're staying on their boats at a live-aboard marina! For a fraction of the cost of a lake house, they buy a boat with all the features they need. The bathroom, kitchen, and spacious living quarters of modern yachts make it easy to spend the entire weekend on the water. Renting a covered slip at a marina offers many other amenities that traditional resorts offer. They can also take advantage of the boating community, making friends at the marina where they're moored.

The trick to making this work is finding a great marina that offers all of the extras you might need. Instead of renting a cabin or condo with a pool and gym, marinas are offering up the best resort amenities for their boating friends. Restaurants, bars, pools, laundry facilities, wifi, community events, and more help to fill the needs that your boat can't offer. You'll also have a covered space to spend the night with electric, water, and other hookups if you want them.

Tips for the Live-Aboard Lifestyle

1. You don't have to be laid-back to live on a boat.

If you enjoy the high-maintenance life, that's okay! You'll find a marina that offers all the bells and whistles so you can have a spa day or have food delivered to your boat.

2. Schedule at least one weekend a month to visit.

Don't make it a backup plan for weekends that you don't have any activities planned. By penciling in your stay, you're able to say no to other obligations that can come up. Make me-time a priority. You deserve it!

3. Pack the snacks.

Although you can spend all summer floating to each amazing waterfront restaurant at the Lake, there will be times when it won't be realistic to order your food. Find some hearty snacks that store well like cashews, jerky, granola, chips, and even chocolate. Being in the sun zaps your energy pretty quickly, and tempers can flare with low blood sugar. Keep things nice and friendly with your boat-mates...keep them fed! Even if your boat has a full kitchen, it can be a pain to prep a whole meal and do clean-up. Quick snacks are where it's at.

4. Don't be afraid to take some alone time.

When you're moored at a dock full of people who love to hang out and socialize, it can be a bit much- especially if you're an introvert. You can totally go to bed early to read or step into the cabin to catch up on your latest Netflix binge. After all, your vacation time is meant for relaxing, whatever that means to you. Friends will always be partying and you can always hit the waves tomorrow.

5. Choose the right marina.

When a variety of marinas offering an array of services to keep you floating happy, it can seem like any old marina will do. The reality is that you can always switch marinas next month or next year, but that's a hassle. Tour several marinas and weigh each one for the amenities that are important to you. If you'll have family visiting often, a marina with an event space may make bbqs easier. If you have no intention of cooking, be sure you enjoy the restaurant there. If you'll be enjoying margaritas most days, check out their bar and make sure you like the vibe and the bartenders. Finding the right fit can encourage you to visit more and make the most of your weekends at the Lake of the Ozarks.

Not sure where to start looking for marinas? Here are a few marinas at Lake of the Ozarks that make living on your boat a great experience.

Lake of the Ozarks Marinas Perfect for the Live-Aboard Lifestyle

Four Seasons Marina

The Lodge of the Four Seasons offers resort guests an all-in-one vacation experience, and you can take advantage of the same amenities at Four Seasons Marina. With monthly and annual boat slip rentals, you can choose the time length that's right for you. Members receive lots of great deals on the golf course, at the spa, on gas, and in the resort restaurants. You can take a break from the water to enjoy the pool and movie theater. They also offer full boat repair and upkeep services so you know your boat will be ready to hit the lake when you make the drive.

Ozarks Yacht Club

A smaller marina that offers lots of amenities for boaters is the Ozarks Yacht Club. Members love features like a laundry room, satellite and gym. Touches like free golf cart use, balconies, event space, and a beach add even more to love. The best feature may be their restaurant- just place your order with a phone call and have it delivered to your boat slip. It's like room service, if your room is the boat of your dreams. The Yacht Club also offers a brokerage service if you decide to trade up. It was built around the idea of the live-aboard lifestyle so you know they've built a great community and property to serve you.

Miller's Landing

The owners of Miller's Landing built their marina specifically for live-aboard boaters. They live on-site and are happy to help you with any boating issues that may come up. With all-inclusive boat slip rental fees, you know that you're getting everything you need to make your stay a comfortable one. Grossed out by the idea of a pump out? With pump out available at your slip, there's no need to make it a hassle. Marina tecks work to winterize/dewinterize your boats or make repairs when you're out of town. 

The Oar House Bar & Grill offers renters food and tasty beverages all day long. Stop in before you take off for the day, or after a long day out on the water. Their gas dock stocks ethanol-free fuel so you can put the best fuel in your boat.

Living aboard your boat at the Lake of the Ozarks can be a fun way to experience Lake life on a whole new level. By making good plans and choosing the right marina from the start, you'll be set for success on the water. Bon voyage!